New Distribution Agreement F.A.Q.

Q. Who will I call for sales information, quotes, etc. after March 31?
A. Inside sales for Unicell product will remain the same, Scott Packham (416-421-6845 Ext. 230; ) You will be introduced to your new Unicell territory rep in March by your current Gincor/DEL rep.

Q. Do I continue to call Gincor/DEL (Boris, Roman and Owen) for products other than Unicell?
A. Yes. DEL Equipment (operated as Gincor Werx) has the broadest portfolio of products in the truck equipment industry and would be pleased to continue to serve you for all Class 3-8 upfits you may have.

Q. Is this change in the business model for the whole country?
A. No. This change is only effective for the Ontario market. The balance of Canada remains status quo.

Q. Are there any changes in pricing or other business policies?
A. No changes in pricing or other business policies are planned at this point,

Q. What about orders already in production that have been placed prior to April 1, 2019?
A. All orders in production and received by April 1, 2019 will be managed by your current Gincor/DEL team as per the existing relationship.

Q. Is there any change in the product?
A. No.

Q. What about warranty?
A. There are no changes to any warranties.