“The truck drives great. When a semi passes, the buffeting is minimal compared to other trucks I’ve owned.”

“I like everything about my truck and I’m the envy of many construction companies with the room I have for tools and materials.”

“I just wanted to thank you and your company for producing a superior product. All the features (on my new Aerocell) are extremely well done and well thought of for the convenience of distributors like myself. I especially like the transparent roof which I think is ideal, it just lights up the whole front of the truck, and the options that I got…the cutaway bumper and the walk-through and the inside latch are features that should be on every truck. I found them to be very helpful, and everyone that’s looked at the truck just thinks it’s a great product.”

“It’s such a pleasure delivering your products to my customers. They always look beautiful. My compliments to your production people.”

“I love my Unicell (Aerocell) body. It has a very becoming appearance; it really does glide through the air with the aerodynamic features. I get so many compliments on my trucks’ appearance, it should make you proud! You have provided me with a great opportunity to share in the performance and enjoyment of a very fine product, the Unicell body part of my truck. I would never hesitate to purchase/lease another.”

“Please don’t sell to anyone around here. I want to be the only one with an Aerocell.”

“The appearance of the Aerocell SRW not only makes people turn and look, but it gives a great deal of credibility to my business when I show up on a job site.”

“Our drivers argue over who gets to drive the Aerocells. The Aerocell units are quieter and hold the road better. We also like what the Aerocells will do for our image and our bottom line. Our tests show we save 28% on fuel compared to a conventional body on the same chassis.”

“We love to see a Unicell body come in for decals. The sides are smooth and we don’t have to cut around rivets. It takes less time, so we make more money!”

“The trucks drive like a regular van, which is a big plus. You don’t have to have a real astute driver. The clam-shell door is just super because, if the load shifts, it doesn’t jam the door up like it does on a roll up. And barn doors have to have so much room around the truck. The wide step bumper and grab handles make it really easy in and out. When we’ve had little problems, you guys take care of it instantly. Warranty response from Unicell has been excellent. No trouble with leakage between the cab and body. They seem to be extremely quiet. We have a couple out there with 50,000 miles on them by now. In our E150s, we can carry about 50 tires; E250 stretch, 60 tires; Aerocell SRWs, we can get 105.”

“My crews fight for this rig. I will buy another as soon as I can. Drives well, good balance and handling.”

“The people at your company have been so pleasant to deal with. Every time I call, no matter who I speak with, they are so helpful and so cheerful. This is the first time I’ve ordered from Unicell and I will order from you…in the future. The speedy completion of our unit has been remarkable.”

“We have been purchasing Unicell Van Bodies for years. We have found that Unicell meets, indeed exceeds the stated benefits with regards to superior strength, excellent resale value and low cost of repairs. In addition, with Unicell we have a great looking vehicle that I am proud to have as part of our truck rental fleet.”

“I think the workmanship is excellent.”

“I am pleased with the body design and want to thank you for recommending Dayton (Ford) as a possible source for this truck…Thanks for a good product!”