Aerocell Transit Van Body

Distinctive styling and extraordinary fuel-efficient design make Aerocell the smart professional’s choice.

The Aerocell Transit makes for a beautiful, fuel efficient and quiet vehicle that is also tough, functional and versatile — suitable for many applications.

Aerocell Transit Van Body Rear View
Aerocell Transit Van Body Rear View


Body Lengths Inside Height Width Wheelbase
Outside 80"
Flat Floor
87" WB T-350
158" 178"
12'-15' X X X X
15'-17' X X X X
Standard Equipment List
  • One piece fiberglass outer shell
  • Glossy white gel coat exterior finish
  • Rub rail
  • Fiberglass rear doorframe with steel sill protection
  • Translucent, leakproof skylight
  • LED ceiling light with rear timer switch
  • 3/8″ full height plywood lining
  • Premium quality roll-up rear door
  • Non-slip galvanized steel rear step bumper
  • Two rear grab handles
  • Pine floor
  • Galvanized steel under structure
  • Weatherproof wiring system
  • LED exterior lights
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty
Optional Equipment List
  • Sliding access door in bulkhead wall
  • Swing-out rear and side doors
  • Laminated hardwood, plastic or metal floors
  • Wheelboxes for low floor height
  • Cargo control systems
  • Walkramps
  • Insulation
  • Scuffplates
  • & More