Aerocell CW

Unicell’s narrowest body yet – sleek, slim, aerodynamic design for nimble maneuverability in town.

The Aerocell CW features capacities up to 500 cubic feet, the Aerocell CW can handle heavy loads – up to 3,700 pounds – yet its cab-width size is slim enough for tight city streets and narrow driveways.
It’s fuel-efficient!

With its aerodynamic shape, Aerocell CW will help save you time and money at the pump.

Now available on Chevrolet and GMC and Ford cutaway single rear wheel chassis.

Aerocell CW – Ford

Aerocell CW – GM

Optional Equipment List


  • Sliding bulkhead door for cab access
  • Swing-out rear, full width double panel or 41″ double or single panel
  • Curb or streetside doors, swing-out or roll-up
  • Access doors for cable and small equipment


  • Full height plywood lining
  • Cargo control, D-rings or E/F-track
  • Additional lighting
  • Timer switch for cargo light


  • Flat floor (reduces interior height 6″)
  • Hardwood
  • Fiberglass/Grit
  • Steel or Aluminum treadplate overlay

Equipment Handling

  • Roof mounted ladder rack system
  • Slide-out ramp (12′ flat floor only)
  • Power liftgate (10′ body only)
  • Trailer hitch


  • Cross view mirrors
  • Rear view cameras
  • Back-up alarms and sensors
  • Emergency kits



Unicell Limited does not offer bodies that are tested/certified to transport people in the cargo area of the body.  Our bodies are strictly for cargo transportation, and are not intended to have people in the rear when the vehicle is in motion.  If a Unicell employee is made aware that someone has the intent of having a body manufactured for this type of use, or purchases a used unit that they want to convert, Unicell will have to decline further support.